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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds

Solar System of 'Khaah

Oppressed by the United Nation Federation (UNF), the Alkedine Independent States (AIS) longed for a day to live their own way. Afraid to fall under the UNF pressure, AIS secretly sent out a survey team to nearby solar systems, looking for suitable planets to colonize. That causes the first encounter with the race of 'Khaan.

The 'Khaan is a quiet, but aggressive race. They never communicate with "aliens", but attack "aliens" on sight. 'Khaan is a technologically advanced race and has the technology to teleport between the planets within their solar system. However, they lacked the technology to travel beyond their home solar system.

There are five planets in the 'Khaan solar system. From space, each planet looks barren with very little llives on the surface. But, all five planets are colonized by 'Khaan with vast underground cities.