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Updated Cyno's Dice to Improve Usability on Mobile Devices
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 22:12:15 +0000

Couldn't find my bag of dice this past weekend when I attempted to play some games with my kids. We had been very enthusiastic at creating RPG miniatures with our new 3D printer. So I went back to our trusty online dice set. While using Cyno's Dice with my children on our phones and tablets, I noticed that the interface could use some improvement.

So I updated the online dice to be more convenient for mobile and desktop users. The latest version is 1.5. And you can find the dice set here: Cyno's Dice.


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Vision for Cyno's Role-Play Android App
Wed, 25 Jan 2017 22:41:20 +0000

Our Cyno's Role-Play Android app has been released. See TrackBack below for more info.


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Spacehound and Other Lifeforms Added to Future Mars
Fri, 20 Jan 2017 22:46:27 +0000

We added two new lifeforms to the Future Mars RPG supplement: Spacehound and Asteroid Moria. We could use your help in coming up with RPG stats for these lifeforms. They both came out of the intriguing "The Beast of Space" scifi short story.

The Spacehound is also available as a 3D printed miniature model. Check out the Spacehound miniature.


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Science Fiction of the Day Android App
Fri, 19 Apr 2013 14:16:53 +0000

Version 2.0 of the "SciFi of the Day" Android app has been released. It includes the following new features:

- Support Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

- Ability to select text.

- Ability to change font size.

- Added Community menu option.

We've also added several Roger D. Aycock short stories to the app. They make interesting reads.

Finally, visit our "SciFi eBooks on Android" Facebook page to see neat images and artworks that are related to the short stories. Feel free to add you own.


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"Out of Fuel" Android App
Tue, 03 Jul 2012 20:12:34 +0000

We have just added another full story-line to the "Out of Fuel" make your own adventure. This time, it involves Hellman and Casker, who are starving through space. Will they be able to scrap up enough food to get home? You decide.

You can play through the full "Out of Fuel" story to find the new story line. Or you can start here.


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Timeless SciFi Classics
Fri, 27 Apr 2012 20:12:39 +0000

It was funny to read science fiction of the future humanity when such a futuristic society is dated 1972. I read such a scifi story recently using Gutenberg eReader on my Android phone. And one of the first thing that came to my mind was that the story would have been just as relevant if it had been dated 2072 or even 2172.

It occurred to me that many books and stories in the Cyno's Role-Play series has explicit dates as well. For example, one of its supplement is titled, "Earth 2143 A.D.".

Although dates on the Cyno's Role-Play series are dated far in advance, pass our lifetimes, eventually they will fall as victims into the same trap. With today's technology improving at the current rate in all industries, it wouldn't be shocking if someone is to announce that any of us would live past 2143.

Therefore, after much thought, I have decided to eliminate all specific dates from the Cyno's Role-Play series. Instead, a vague notion of date will be used. For example, "Earth 2143 A.D." could be renamed to "Future Earth". And a passage like, "In 2143", could be replaced with "A long time from now".

This turn of event reduces the stress level of keeping the dates straight in gaming and in reading our stories for entertainment purposes. For ages to come, everyone will enjoy reading stories within the Cyno's Role-Play universe without the specific dates ruining the story element.


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New "Collector's Item" Short Story
Sat, 14 Jan 2012 21:02:05 +0000

"Collector's Item", written by Evelyn E. Smith, is a fun, funny, and exciting short story that involves a group of stranded scientists on planet Zia and several alien telepathic zoologists. This lighthearted story has deception, betrayal, and conspiracy to make you wonder who will ultimately win to the very end.

"Collector's Item" has so many elements that are similar to the scifi world created for Cyno's Role-Play that we tied it to the Arkedine Solar System from the Space Worlds supplement. Planet Zia is an excellent backdrop for one of the old Ferriton home worlds. Thus, the short story serves as a prequel to the Slavery of Earth scenario.


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