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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: The War of the Worlds

The Story

About 35,000,000 miles from Earth, Mars orbits the same sun. But being much further away from the sun, about 140,000,000 miles, Mars barely receives half of the light and heat that life on Earth enjoys. Its age is also much older than Earth. Even before Earth has ceased to be molten, life has already begun on Mars. Closer to the end of time, Martians must find a younger hosting planet, and a fresh food source, to continue their struggle for existence.

Looking across the solar system with their advanced instruments, they see that a young healthy planet filled with green vegetation, fluid oceans, and abundant life. To conquer and to domesticate the healthy planet is their only survival route. And what of the humans? There is no politics, no negotiations, and no warnings. Afterall, humans are to Martians no more than monkeys are to humans.

And that begins The War of the World.