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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds

SL2 Galaxy

The galaxy, SL2 is about 6000 mega-parsecs away from Earth. It is far different than Earth's Milky Way galaxy. SL2 is different from the Milky Way in that 99 percent of the mass of the galaxy exists in the form of dark matter, comparing to only 50 to 65 percent in the Milky Way. Dark matter is the invisible mass of the universe. Dark matter has escaped detection at all wavelengths, from radio to gamma rays, not just light.

Clearchan Confederacy

The Clearchan Confederacy is composed of various robotic races. These artificial intelligence beings can think and act on an intelligence level similar or superior to human beings. The confederation of these robot races is started by the Clearchan race, a race built to serve all. The Clearchan Confederacy has only one universal law. That universal law is anyone living in a Clearchan Confederacy territory must help one's neighbor. Currently, the following races are in the Clearchan Confederacy:

  • Clearchan
  • Zanthar