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Planet Tepokt

In a solar system twenty light years from Terra, one planet stands out compared to its other five sibling planets. That one special planet is called Tepokt. Tepokt is special because a veil of meteorites and satellite fragments whirling about the planet. The shell of meteorites was at least a hundred miles thick and constantly shifting. This shifting shell made it almost impossible for anyone to reach the world of Tepokt. For those who did land there, there is no returning.

On the ground, the Tepoktans called the ever-shifting lights, above, the Dome of Eyes. It is named after a myth in which each tiny satellite bright enough to be visible was supposed to watch over a single individual on the surface. Like their brothers on Terra, a new name for Earth, the native astronomers could trace their science back to a form of astrology.

"Glory glitters till it is known for a curse." - Tepoktan Proverb

No one knows if the Dom of Eyes have always been meteorites, or whether part of them come from a destroyed satellite. But observers have proved mathematically that no direct path through them may be predicted more than a very short while in advance.

In some ways, compared to those of Terra, the industries of Tepokt were underdeveloped. In the first place, the population was smaller and had different standards of luxury. In the second, a certain lack of drive resulted from the inability to break out into interplanetary space.

Solar System

The solar system that Tepokt resides in is twenty light years away from Terra. This solar system contains five other planets. The five other planets are just starting to be colonized by humans.

Note: There are very little detail concerning the other five planets in this solar system. It would be nice to round out some names and maybe even build up concepts for each of these planets. If you have some suggestions for names or if you'd like to contribute some concepts, please post in our forum.