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Pheta, named by United Nations, is a solar system in the SL2 galaxy. Its nearest neighbor is the solar system, Pheta Prime. This solar system consists of one star and one planet, orbiting the star. The planet is habitable. The natives call it Endor.

Dark matter found throughout the universe is actually Ethru, termed by the Endor natives. An overwhelming concentration of Ethru are present in Pheta and surrounds its only planet, Endor, at all times.


The planet, Endor, has two continents. One continent is at the north pole, while the other continent is at the south pole. The climate of the south pole is closer to the climate of Earth's equator. Norland, the north pole continent, on the hand, is harsh and cold. The entire continent is a vast wasteland covered in ice and snow. Currently, the continent is inhabited by barbarian tribes.


In this far outreach of the universe, the newly colonized planet attracted few immigrants from the general public. Most immigrants are scholars and researchers from Earth. These academic types are extremely interested on solving the mystery: why are Endorian's identical to humans. In less than ten years, the colony, Dayton, developed into a massive neo-metropolis to support this academic community.

In addition to unraveling the human-Endorian tie, many scholars, religious and non-religious alike, intended to understand "Ethru". For the first time, Earthlings are able to scientifically study supernatural events only heard of in legends, fantasies, and imaginations. These supernatural phenomenons are considered as "miracles" by some scholars. And it has became a contraversy of their connection to god.


At the exact north pole, is the enclosed city of Kushat. This city, filled with Endorian natives, guards the "Gates of Death". The detail of this ancient and its secret is documented in the "Black Amazon of Endor" story.

Politics and Economy

The space explorer, Captain Stedes, located Endor almost half a century years ago. Deckman Corporation funded his expedition. Deckman also established the Dayton colony. Under United Nations regulations, the colonized city is subject to Deckman Corporation's control. However, U.N. remained the ultimate regulator.

To encourage commercial competition in the colony, United Nation regulations also mandated that anyone may freely invest in the new colony. The population, through direct computer vote, elects local government officials. Currently, the officials are mostly executives of the Deckman Corporation.

The U.N. and Deckman Corporation haven't ventured into the Norland, yet. And is potential for conflict. Around Dayton, the colonists has enticed many Endorian natives to live in Dayton and join the rest of the human civilization. The rest of the Endorians lives in tribes and usually avoids the newcomers.

Rider of Mekh

The Rider of Mekh is a barbarian tribe roaming the vast Norland. They are described as tall men with fierce eyes and russet hair. They wear leather coats and carry long straight spears. Their clan is described in the "Black Amazon of Endor" story.