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Pheta Prime

Pheta Prime is a solar system in a star cluster in the SL2 galaxy. Its closest neighbor is the solar system, Pheta. Within this solar system is a star and three planets. The first planet is Coloqudo, the second planet is Deno, and the third planet is Saltar.


Coloqudo is an extremely small planet. It is about a-fourth of the size of planet Earth. Most of the planet is covered by water. On this whole planet, there is only a single island. It is about 5 kilometers wide. The island is called Wanto.

There is a single race living on this island - dwarves. The dwarves living on Wanto are of a peaceful tribe, called Gaundes. Particularly since there is no other race living on this island to compete with them for food or material. They live off the land they farm, live off the woods, live off the mountain ranges, and live off the ocean. They mine raw materials out of caves.

Although the dwarves are peaceful, they are anti-social; they dislike visitors. So far, they are extremely content living in a medieval society with medieval technology.


The second planet of the Pheta Prime solar system, Deno, is one of the greatest paradises of the SL2 galaxy. Being uninhabitable at first, the planet is terraformed to feature exotic tropical forests, beaches, snowy downhill ski slopes, etc. Artificial resorts and casinos were built to provide entertainment. The planet is a perfect place for anyone to get away to. Even the orbiting space station and commercial vessels, in the area, have been influenced to provide tourist attractions. Only a third of the planet has been built with artifical attractions, the rest is still natural, from the terra-transformation, and offered exotic landscapes for adventurers of all ages.

To encourage tourist from Earth, officials of the planet established a dimensional portal to link between Earth and Deno quickly and easily. Tourists may travel through the portal on-board commercial vessels or spacecraft. The riches might even dock through their own private shuttle.


Unlike Coloqudo, Saltar is five times larger, covered mostly by landmasses. The planet is filled with nasties; aliens, creatures, prisoners, rogues, traitors, and others of the sort. It is most famous for its criminal hideout.


Planet Saltar is not governed by any official entity of the galaxy. Instead, it is governed loosely by felons and mobsters. They are generally people who are able to stay within power using whatever force they are able to draw resources on.

One of the most famous human rogue leader is CognaDe Jay. He has the power to persuade and control, with money or force, his followers. CognaDe Jay is most successful because he not only has the money, but also heavy-duty military equipment that others are unable to obtain. His vessel, Kastito, is in orbit constantly. A few cyberoids are on board the vessel to "keep peace" in the sector. On the planet, he has his own citadel that he overtook from an alien race with his own squads of exterminators.