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Delarplec is a race of androids. They are from a solar system call Hydronec. their technology is very advanced.

Around a thousand years ago, a plague spread throughout the Delarplec population. The plague caused their natural reproductive system to deteriorate. Soon, they were unable to reproduce. To stop the extinction of their race, they developed a huge computer system to store the minds of their people. They hoped, one day, to find a cure for this disease.

One day, a brilliant, but less optimistic, young scientist named Belixro Mored Quxon Keldaw, developed an robotic mobile system that allows their people to store each mind into their own mobile system to act as individuals.

Basically, the robotic mobile system could be any shape and size. But the Delarpleces have decided on a 7' humanoid to resemble what they were before. The humanoid shape allowed them to accomplish tasks that only a humanoid could perform.

In their android form, the Delarplec is still unable to reproduce. They can create no new off-springs. While they can't reproduce, they also could not die in their android form. When a Delarplec is about to get killed in a combat situation, it can simply transmit its memory back to the main computer on their planet. Then the main computer could reprogram another android with the memory data received.

The main computer has another safety measure. If the android body was destroyed in combat and was unable to transmit its memory in time, the main computer can create an android based on its back-up data. However, the memory data will contain only information since the previous backup. With these safety precautions, the Delarplec population stays constant with time.

Over a century of using the androids as bodies, most Delarplec had grown used to the immortality. Over time, their desire for a flesh body became subdued. Some of them were starting to lose their feelings and emotions. Without a need to worry about flesh bodies, all they ever think about was how to advance their technology.

However, a group of Delarplec is still true to their original form. They are especially interested in how to reproduce themselves genetically with living body tissues.

Beauty                  2D4
Charisma                1D6
Coordination            5D6
Endurance               N/A *
Health                  N/A *
Intelligence            3D6
Luck                    3D6 **
Reflex                  4D6
Power                   1D4
Speed                   5D6
Strength                6D6
Stress                  2D6
Wisdom                  3D6

Damage points           5D6 ***

Experience needed:      2000

*       N/A - This attribute does not apply to
              Delarplec since they are androids.
**      4D6 for mathematics computable chances.
***     Their maximum and minimum damage points
        never changes. The damage point only
        applies to the android form.