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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds


APA Battle Armor

The APA Battle Armor is virtually identical to the U.N.F. Battle Armor. After all, the AIS has manufactured these power suits for U.N. for many years. The only real difference is the dark color to differentiate the APA infantry from the U.N. infantry. See U.N.F. Battle Armor in the Future Earth supplement for details about this power suit.

APA Space Suit

The APA Space Suit is the standard equipment for the Arkedine Preservation Army. It is a complex overall that keeps a human alive and comfortable in the outer space. This space suit has a highly efficient carbon dioxide to oxygen converter. It's so efficient that any carbon dioxide emitted by the human can be immediately converted back to oxygen for the wearer. Therefore, a person can theoretically stay in this suit forever without running out of oxygen; but practically a human beings has other needs.

Toughness: 20 DP

Bender Pistol

A snub-nosed hand weapon that is developed by the Judian during the Sutra civil war. It fires a short burst laser beam.

Action:        1 per burst
Damage:        1 DP per burst
Penetration:   14
Range:         50 yards

Blast Rifle

Standard equipment of the Febian and Krusian armies. It was originally a joint venture by both nations to provide armament for the Arkedine Preservation Army. However, when the two nations declared war on each other, the same weapon was used for the battles.

The rifle fires a seering line of heat. It will cook anyone hit by the blast. The rifle has the ability to fire 50 shots before its empty blast cartridge needs to be swapped with a fresh one.

Action:      3 to fire; 6 to reload.
Damage:      3D4 SdaDP
Penetration: 14
Range:       200 yards

Globe Bomb

The Globe Bomb is a grenade-like weapon that is highly effective against "The Claws" automated killing machines. It's design by the artificial intelligence, which designed the four different variety of human-like killing machines. The concussion caused by this bomb will put "The Claws", caught in the blast area, out of commission. The Globe Bomb was designed to be carried and used by the Second Variety robot.

Action:      5 to arm and throw.
Damage:      3D4 SdaDP
Radius:      50 feet
Range:       10 yards per strength attribute point.

Leady Assult Rifle

The Leady Assult Rifle is a standard issue created for the A-class and B-class Leadys prior to the Sutra civil war. Therefore, Leadys on both sides of the war uses this weapon. It has the ability to fire multi-burst laser beams.

Action:        1 per burst
Damage:        1D6 SdaDP per burst
Penetration:   12
Range:         100 yards

Long-Barreled Pistol

The long-barreled pistol is a common ranged weapon of the Tepoktan society. The weapon resemble long-barreled pistol with large, oddly indented butt to fit Tepoktan claws. The weapon is generally worn across the chest.

Action:      1
Damage:      2D6 DP
Penetration: 10
Range:       600 meters (656.17 yards)

Mini-Rocket Pistol

The Tepoktan mini-rocket pistol is a contraption with a quadruple tube for launching tiny rockets no thicker than a human thumb. Each rocket is loaded with an explosive worthy of respect on any planet. Each barrel has to be reloaded individually.

Because of the shortness of Tepoktan arms, the launcher was constructed so that the butt rested against the chest with the sighting loops before the eyes. The little rocket tubes were above head height, to prevent the handler's catching the blast.

Action:      2
Damage:      5D4 SdaDP
Range:       100 meters (109.36 yards)



Nivren is an extremely powerful chemical in powder-form. Made out of extremely complex mixtures. This chemical does not soak into the blood stream on contact. Instead, the chemical produces an overwhelm sensation to the victim's nervous system through contact with the skin. It damages brain tissue upon prolonged exposure.

The origin of this chemical is unknown. This substance is not in existence outside planet Endor. It was originally obtained from the native, Chikiti tribe. Currently, it is a controlled substance in Dayton. Within the city, it can only be obtained through government facilities for academic and research purposes. However, it may be widely available from the natives.

Personel Teleportation Terminal

The military of the Arkedine Preservation Army (APA) fought on a much different battlefield than today. The batttefield can be anywhere, such as a hostile planet, an alien race's lair, or a strange dimension. To extend the front line anywhere on the unforeseen battlefield, the APA now deploys a device called the Personel Teleportation Terminal.

The Personel Teleportation Terminal is a kiosk-like machine with a low flat-bed platform. The kiosk allows one personel, standing on top of the platform, to be teleported to any other Personal Teleportation Terminal in range. The Persond Teleportation Terminal has a range of 25 miles.


To prevent unauthorized use ot the Personel Teleportation Terminal, the personal DNA must be recorded for a Persond Teleportation Terminal prior to using it as a teleportation destination. A personel's DNA can be recorded by standing on the platform for five minutes after activating the record function. This security feature prevents enemy combatants to use a captured Personel Teleportation Terminal to another one.

Portable Communication Relay

The Delarplec Portable Communication Relay is a two foot by two foot by two foot box. This box facilitate communication for a group of Delarplec individuals when they are outside the range of their city or their spacecraft. Multiple relay boxes can be chained wirelessly together to form a link back to the city or the spacecraft.

There indicators on the box provide feedback to its operation. A green light indicates that it is linked fine to the nodes before and after it. A yellow light indicate link to the source (city or spacecraft) is working, but it is not linked to the downstream node. A red light means that it is not linked to the source, downstream node may or may not be linked.

In an open field the relay has a five miles range. In enclosed areas, like a building or a cave, the relay has an one mile range.

Range: 1 mile indoors; 5 miles outdoors.
Toughness: 10 daDP

Radiation Tab

Radiation Tab is a device invented by the Febians to provide friend-or-foe indicator for their killing war machines. This device gives off a minute amount of radiation. When the Febian robots senses this radiation, they avoid the wearer of this device. It is the only way for these robots to tell a friendly human soldier from other lifeforms.

Range: 20 feet.
Toughness: 1 DP

Short Spear

Short spear is still widely used in the Tepoktan society. It has the advantage of being used as a close-range melee weapon or a long-range projectile weapon.

Action:      3
Damage:      1D12 DP
Penetration: 12
Range:       98.48 meters (107.7 yards)
Action:      2
Damage:      1D10 DP
Penetration: 10

Vitas Battle Uniform

The Vitas Battle Uniform is an armored combit outfit that Vitas military personel wears on duty.

Body Armor

The Vitas Battle Uniform in covered in a thin, flexible, armor plate. It can absorb attacks up to 25 kDP without taking damage nor passing the damage onto the wearer. Any more damage destroys the body armor.

Toughness: 25 kDP


The helmet acts as a shield for the head. It can absorb attacks up to 30 kDP without taking damage nor passing the damage onto the wearer. Any more damage destroys the helmet.

The helmet provides a head-up display to the wearer. It allows the wearer to track targets. The head-up display provide +3 bonus to hit.

Toughness: 30 kDP

Energy Cannon

The energy canon is a weapon that wraps around the wearer's forearm. Thus, keeping The hand free for other purposes. It fires an energy burst that can cause great amount of damage to the enemy. The wearer should be careful not to hold something in the hand in front of the cannon while firing.

It necessary the cannon can be used as a shield. The cannon can absorb attacks up to 20 kDP without taking damage nor passing the damage onto the wearer. Any more damage destroys the shield.

Damage: 2D10 kDP
Toughness: 20 kDP

Shield Armor

The wearer can use the shield armor to block mdee and range attacks. The shield can absorb attacks up to 50 kDP without taking damage nor passing the damage onto the wearer. Any more damage destroys the shield.

Toughness: 50 kDP

Zantharian Beacon

The Zantharian Beacon is a small metal box. Each Zantharian colonization messenger carries one of these boxes on their expedition to be "planted" on the target planet. This beacon identifies a potentially colonizable planet. If the messenger somehow dies, the beacon explodes, indicating to Zanthar that the potential planet is too dangerous to occupy. On the other hand, if the planet is favorable, the Zantharian invasion vessel will home in on this beacon.

Toughness: 5 daDP