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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds


In alphabetic order.

Al Sevcik
"Survival Tactics" short story.
Alex Ebel
"Second Variety" illustration.
Andrew North
"Voodoo Planet" short story.
"The Helpful Hand of God" illustration.
Chiao Cheng
Drawing of the Vitas Battle Uniform.
Chieh Cheng
Drawings, writing, filling in the details, and all other work.
Ed Emsh
"Collector's Item" illustration.
"Exile" illustration.
"She Knew He Was Coming" illustration.
"The Defenders" illustration.
"The 7th Order" illustration.
Evelyn E. Smith
Original "Collector's Item" short story.
Fantasy Illustrations Royality-Free Images CD-ROM
Space Zombies.
H. Beam Piper
"Genesis" short story.
Herman B. Vestal
"The Gun" illustration.
Horace Brown Fyfe
"Exile" short story.
Jerry Sohl
"The 7th Order" short story.
John Bear Ross
"Devastator Mk.1 Battle Mecha" illustration.
"Jha'Jhesh Heavy Assault Mecha" description and illustration.
"'Khaan" illustration.
Kris Neville
"She Knew He Was Coming" short story.
Leigh Brackett
"Black Amazon of Mars" short story.
"Survival Tactics" illustration.
Open Clip Art Library
APA Battle Armor Image.
APA Mecha Warrior Image.
Clearchan Robot Race Image.
Clearchan Vessel Image.
Miss Belgezad Image.
Needler Image.
Personal Teleportation Terminal.
Starfield Image.
Vitas Image.
Yaules Image.
Zantharian Beacon Image.
Delarplec Machima City Illustration.
Neo-Nin Girl Illustration.
Philip Kindred Dick
"Piper in the Woods" short story.
Original "Second Variety" short story.
Original "The Defenders" short story.
"The Gun" short story.
Randall Garrett
"Heist Job on Thizar" short story.
Robert J. Shea
"The Helpful Robot" short story.
Tom Godwin
"The Helpful Hand of God" short story.
TurboSquid (Licensed)
"Advanced Combat Robot (ACR)" 3D model.
"Ball Droid" 3D model.
"Cam Droid" 3D model.
"Fido Droid" 3D model.
"Giale" 3D model.
"Graz" 3D model.
"Mortar Droid" 3D model.
"Seeker Droid" 3D model.
"Stinger Droid" 3D model.
Virgil Finlay
"Heist Job on Thizar" illustration.