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Arkedine is a solar system in the SL2 galaxy. This solar system consists of one star and three planets. The planets are habitable and have been colonized by the United Nations Federation. The planets are named "Kyra", "Syra", and "Waiamea". The UN's goal is to establish an outpost at the far-reach corner of the universe. Arkedine happens to be the perfect candidate.

Over the years, the colonists have been dissatisfied by the support and services from the federation. And they also accuse the federation of sucking their live out of them and lowered their living standard so greatly that they could no longer live. Federation, however, have countered that by saying that the Arkedine colonists have became prosperous because of the facility and work the federation provided for them. With so much military equipment being built there, unemployment rate was low, pay was high, and overall living condition good.

The first few negotiations brought them no where and a year later the states declared themselves independent as the Arkedine Independent States (AIS). The federation, on the other hand, declared war on them. The revolutionists call themselves the Arkedine Preservation Army (APA). Their cause is to preserve the AIS. The Arkedine Independent States are actually composed of various nations on the two planets of the Fi solar system.

Through the last few years, AIS and UNF have been at a stand off. Federation has been so ill supplied after the conflict with its Mars colony (see Future Mars supplement for details) that they can sent only limited troops to the Arkedine solar system. While the Arkedines has the military equipment producing facilities, they lack the troops needed to win the war. Arkedine lacked an army until a few months ago, when its first batch of cadets graduated.


The planet Kyra hosts a number of cooperating nations, which are the backbone of the Arkedine Independent States. Their strength of organizing and managing the Arkedine Preservation Army has really brought on a formidable force to the United Nations Federation.


The planet Syra has two continents and is home to three colonies. The first continent Syra is home to two colonies: Fedia and Krusia. Over time, these two colonies has advanced themselves into competing nations, which soon is at war with each other. A single moon orbits Syra and it has been colonized by Fedia during its war with Krusia. Both nations are devastated by the war, thanks to killing machines with artificial intelligence. A more indepth background between the two warring nations is described in the Second Variety Killing Machine short story.

The second continent hosts the Sutra colonists. Though its development, the Sutra colony developed into seven major cities: Ah-Fanti, Appletine, Cupear, Giblas, Spitton, Twiton, and Tydi. However, through rapid development, the people of Sutra spread their resources too thin, creating two conflicting fractions--Lutians and Judians--and causing civil war to break out.

During the civil war, radiation warfare were used, causing the continent to be devestated in ruins. Both fractions moved their citizens underground and used robots, above ground, to fight the civil war. Unknown to the underground citizens, the robots above ground had a truce and stopped fighting. The detail of this war is described in The Defenders short story.

Originally, Syra colonies are members of the Arkedine Federation. Unfortunately, due to internal conflicts, little participation occurred.


Waiamea is a jungle planet that is being colonized by the AIS. Its colonization is still at infancy. Read the Survival Tactics short story for more details of the jungle environment and the colonization effort.