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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Space Worlds

Adventure Ideas

The Delarplec has learned of the automated robots on Syra. It sends a strike force to eradicate the automated robot army.

The dwarves on Wanto has dug a little too deep in the caves. In the depth of the cave, Space Zombies pours out. How are the dwarves going to stop the Space Zombies onslaughter?

This idea is variation of the previous idea. As the dwarves on Wanto dig deep into the caves, Yaules must prevent the Space Zombies from wiping out the dwarves. In addition, the dwarves must be kept in the dark.

The Vitas vessel arrived at Asteroid Y-9. The garrison and Pipers must fend off the invasion.

The tourist on Deno are disappearing into the forest. The player characters must investigate to determine the cause. This adventure can be turned into a horror plot easily.