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Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift & Evacuation System (HERCULES) (M88A2)


Provide towing, winching, and hoisting operations to support battlefield recovery operations and evacuation of heavy tanks and other tracked combat vehicles.

Description and Specifications

The M88A2 HERCULES is a full-tracked, armored vehicle that uses the existing M88A1 chassis but significantly improves towing, winching, lifting, and braking characteristics. The HERCULES is the primary recovery support for the Abrams tank fleet, the heavy Assault Bridge, and heavy self-propelled artillery.

  • Length:   338 in
  • Height:   123 in
  • Width:   144 in
  • Weight:   70 tons
  • Speed:   25 mph w/o load;  17 mph w/ load
  • Cruising Range:   200 miles
  • Boom Capacity:   35 tons
  • Winch Capacity:   70 tons / 670 ft
  • Draw Bar Pull:   70 tons
  • Armament:   One .50-caliber machine gun
  • Powertrain:   12 cylinder, 1050 hp air-cooled diesel engine with 3-speed automatic transmission
  • Crew:   3
  • Entered Army Service: 1997
  • Manufacturer: United Defense, L.P. (York, PA)