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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth


The skills listed in this section are new skills in addition to the list provided in the Cyno's Role-Play rule book and other supplements. The GM and players are welcome to add other skills.


Sub-Space Relay - This skill is used on vessels with sub-space relay communication systems. It allows a character to operate and control the communication device without problems.


Combat - The ability to combat effectively with a cyberoid. Without this skill, the character automatically receives -4 on rolls to strike and dodge.

Control System - The knowledge of designing the internal system components which controls the cyberoid. Electrical engineering required.

Designing - The concept of how to design a Cyberoid. Mostly with the exterior features.

Engineering - The knowledge of designing a working cyberoid. With designing and controlling concept. This skill is required to design the mechanical equipment within the cyberoid. Requires mechanical engineering skill.

Mechanic - The understanding of how to maintain and fix a Cyberoid. Must specify which cyberoid model or series. Having this skill on one cyberoid will allow the character to learn the skill for others easily.

Pilot - The understanding of how to pilot and control a Cyberoid. Must specify which cyberoid model or series. Bonus/penalty for cyberoid pilots:

01 - 20%        -4
21 - 40%        -3
41 - 60%        -2
61 - 80%        -1
81 - 95%        -0


Cybernetic - The knowledge of planting, enabling, and disabling cybernetic equipments. Requires anatomy science skill. Medical equipments are required to do most implants.


Space - The knowledge of course plotting and staying on course, in space. It allows one to find one's position if lost.


Dimension - The study of time and dimension.