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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth: Introduction


Human race has already begun to explore space and its frontiers with titanic vessels that could travel thousands of light-years from a matter of days to an instant in time. These vessels are several miles in size to support civilian live and to contain the components required for space travel. Each vessel requires years to build with great amount of manpower. The maintaining is also costly and troublesome. With huge vessels and workers that are a fraction of the vessels' size, it is extremely difficult to maintain the vessels efficiently. A new solution is needed.

Human is an extraordinary, intellectual race which strives on improving and advancing themselves. The twenty-second centry is a time of prosperity; the humans broke through a series of technological advancements which, no doubt, is considered impossible a century before. For this problem, the human race came up with a new solution that changed their ways of living forever--the cyberoid technology.

Giant Robot Technology

Only considered useless dreams a century ago, cyberoids brought about the success of space travel on gigantic space vessels. Basically, a cyberoid is a giant-sized robot controlled by a human pilot. Early stage of these robots were simple machineries that allows the workers to build and maintain large vessels quickly and efficiently. Later cyberoid designs allowed the pilot to control the robot as if he was controlling his own physical body.

The results are cyberoids which are much more efficient to control than the old, awkward machineries. With the success of these working cyberoids, companies begin to look into different areas of the market. Two of these markets are the military and the law-enforcement agency.

There are many uses for cyberoids in traffic control and cleaning-up. Cyberoids finally became valuable fighting machines for the military, a few years later, after the uprise of Mars colonies (see Future Mars supplement for details). Tody, cyberoids are also employed for neutralizing terriorist activities (see Legion of the Techno-Doom for details).

Power Sources

Like everything else in this universe, cyberoids require energy to operate. The original designs use gasoline fuel as the main source of energy. However, the amount of gasoline required for operation is unbelievably high. To be productive, a better solution is needed quickly.

Electricity is the first alternative. It is efficient, cheap, and produces no waste-by-products. A solar station have already been established on the moon and supplied massive amount of energy to Earth. The only drawback is that recharging takes time. Even if the cyberoid is covered with solar absorbent materials, its recharge rate is far lower than the amount of energy necessary for operation.

The next solution is to use nuclear power. United Nations Federations has already 'outlawed' nuclear fission reactors. However, the cleaner and safer fusion reactors are allowed. Fusion is twenty times more powerful than fission, the by-product is not harmful, shutting down does not risk causing a meltdown, and deuterium fuel is much more readily available than uranium; it can be extracted from ordinary seawater. Fusion nuclear reaction is a source of virtually inexhaustible energy. But, one major drawback of a nuclear reactor is the fear of explosion whenever the nuclear core is damaged.