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GCCF Gears

GCCF Code Book

The GCCF Code book is supplied to all GCCF officers. It must be studied and memorized. All GCCF officers must pass the examination for this code book after the initial training.

Engagement Rules

  1. GCCF Officer must state oneself as an GCCF Officer before an attempt to arrest.
  2. GCCF Officers may not shoot-to-kill unless attacked upon.

Pager Code

  1. Contact base immediately.
  2. Report to base at once.
  3. Abandon assignment immediately.
  4. Contact base at once.
  5. Assignment completed. Report to base.

GCCF Communication Headset

This is a voice-activated communication device carried by all GCCF field officers. It fits on the head of the officer. It is convient since the GCCF Officers do not need to hold it, which is very useful in combat situations. The VideoCam part of the headset may not be turned off during a mission. Both the audio and video is constantly monitored by the headquarter. It has a range of 3 miles.

GCCF Commando Vehicle

The GCCF Commando Vehicle is specially designed for a team of GCCF officers. It has room for four GCCF Officers plus support equipment. The vehicle is armored and provide enough protection to withstand rocket-launcher shells. On-board is a transmitter relay. It relays the transmission from the communication headsets back to base. Its radio range is 40 miles. Using global satellite, the communication range is extended to cover any region in the world.

Crew:            4
Maximum Speed:   120 mph
Toughness:       500 daDP
Vehicle Size:    Similar to a Mini-van
Weight:          7430 pounds
Weapons:         none

GCCF Micro-Transceiver

This device is a voice-activated communicator used by GCCF Officers on undercover operations. The transceiver is a two way communicator if placed in the ear. Otherwise, it is only a one way communication monitor.