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Genocybernetics Corporation is an American company, established in the year 2054 to develop bionics for medical purposes. They were quite good at their research, they even developed a realistic-looking artificial skin to cover over the bionic parts.

During the course of Genocybernetics' growth in 2097, the military increased its interest in bionics. Soon, Genocybernetics signed contracts with the U.S. Government to start suppling the military with bionic equipment for military purposes. Then, it started dealing with other nations. It is one of the pioneers to set foot in the military cybernetic frontier.

Howie Corporated

Howie Corporated is a corporation that specializes in hand-held weapon design. The corporation has developed side-arms and assult rifles that are used by U.N. forces.

International Armament Corporation

International Armament Corporation is one of the world's biggest suppliers of weaponries. Some small nations have bought all their arsenals from the IAC. It even signed a few major contracts with the United Nations.

The CEO of the corporation have been know to supply the black markets and gangs with military equipment. However, no evidences have ever been found.

Robotic Science

Robotic Science Corporation specializes in conceptual robotic design and research. Most of the cyberoid and robot designs end up as prototypes sold to collectors and other companies for production development. Robotic Science also take custom orders on design and production.

Many of the prototypes and designs have fallen into the hands of the Legion of the Techno-Doom. The company's dealing with the terrorist group is well known. However, no evidence of wrongdoing has ever surfaced to put any of the executives behind bars. Several U.N. Investigators are involved in undercover operations. Unfortunately, past investigators have either failed to recover any evidence, or were eliminated in the process.

The true intention of Robotic Science Corporation's unlawful act is unknown. The corporation could be involved in toppling the political balance, making money from the terrorist group, or trying to get U.N. to purchase more equipment to counter the terrorist acts. No evidence support any of these hypothesis exists.

Riverside Club

Riverside Club was exclusive. It catered to a clientele that had but three things in common: money, a desire for utter self-abandonment, and a sales slip indicating ownership of a telporter suit. The club was of necessity expensive, for self-teleportation was strictly illegal, and police protection came high.

Customers who have to press the switch that would jerk their shadowy self back along its invisible connecting cord are common. The action jerks a customer back and leave but a small mound of clothes in his/her place. A waiter would pick up the clothing. He would put it safely away so that the owner could claim it upon his next visit to the club.

There are private rooms at the Riverside Club. Depending on the pricing tier, it is possible to rent a private room for a telporter receiver, a private room where someone could take a willing guest. It's not cheap, but can be arranged with money.

The Riverside Club environment is further described in the A Bottle of Old Wine short story.

United FOX

United FOX is a British corporation, which designs and supplies high-tech equipment to the world. Loaded with unique, one-of-a-kind equipment, they are generally priced relatively high on the market. United FOX favors self-reliance, rather than buying from other companies.