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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Earth: Cyberoids

STF Hover Cycle

The STF Hover Cycle is an extremely versatile transportation vehicle for the Special Task Force team members. It can quickly transport STF members to incident sites. And at the presense of terrorists, the STF Hover Cycle can quickly transform into a small cyberoid to deal with the threat.

In cyberoid mode, the STF Hover Cycle has four laser cannons in each arm. The reason for a total of eight cannons is because each laser cannon has a 10 second delay between shots, so having eight gives the pilot eight sequential shots before the weapon system has to take a break. Each cannon is capable of firing 25 rounds on a full charge.


Crew:         One
Purpose:      Neutralize Terrorist Threat

Designer:     Robotic Science
Manufacturer: Robotic Science

Engine:       United Fox RBS-140
              (Rechargeable Battery Supply 140)
Range:        48 hours of battery capacity;
              full charge after 12 hours
Speed:        160 MPH

Weight:       1100 lbs.
Height:       21 feet in cyberoid mode
Laser Cannon
Actions:      1
Blast Radius: 1 foot
Damage:       1D10 hDP
Range:        500 yards
Rate:         Single Burst;
              10 seconds delay
              between each shot
Rounds:       25
  Arms: 100 hDP each
  Body: 150 hDP
  Head: 150 hDP
  Legs: 100 hDP each

Random Hit Location (1D6)
  1   Head
  2   Body
  3   Left Arm
  4   Right Arm
  5   Left Leg
  6   Right Leg