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Cyno's Dice

Don't have your dice handy? No worries. Use this universal Internet dice set.

Quick Single Die Roll

Dice commonly found in role-playing games. Click or tap to roll.

Roll 2-Sided Die
Roll 4-Sided Die
Roll 6-Sided Die
Roll 8-Sided Die
Roll 10-Sided Die
Roll 12-Sided Die
Roll 20-Sided Die
Roll 30-Sided Die
Roll 100-Sided Die

Multiple Dice Roll

Use the following form to roll a speciality die or roll multiple dice.

Number of Dice:

Sides on the Dice:

Modifier (Optional):

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Version 1.5 - History

Cyno's Dice is an Internet dice set. It's like carrying your bag of dice everywhere you go. Cyno's Dice supports unlimited number of dice and unlimited-sided die.

To roll dice on the Internet and publicly share/track the results with your GM/players, see "Cyno's Dice for Cirqo".

Need a game to use your dice set with? Try "Cyno's Role-Play", an universal game of imagination.

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