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Cyno's Role-Play: Tools

Character Generator

Welcome to the Character Generator. This tool allows you to generate a player character (PC) or a non-player character (NPC) quickly and easily. Reload this page to generate a new character.

Use our Name Generator to generate a name for this character.

Age:       17
Education: 4 years
Gender:    Female


This character has naturally green eyes. This character has long, curly hair that is split down the left. The hair color is naturally black.


This character is humorous, violent, and friendly.

Personal Value

This character values 'having fun' the most. This character values a sister greatly. This character's most valuable possession is a photograph.


This character is currently in a relationship. However, the character wants out of the relationship.

Family Ties

The character's mother is alive. However, father died of a tragic accident.