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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Slavery of Earth


In the late twentieth century, a large segment of the human race believes that UFO's, carrying extraterrestrial intelligence, have frequented our planet. Many individuals also believe that they are the abductees of these aliens. Many of these abductees described their hosts as little grey aliens.

Some people have considered that our governments are working together with aliens on confidential issues. Television shows like the famous X-Files and other UFO documentaries has brought these issues to the mainstream population. Sometimes government cover-ups make military accident look like a UFO incident, and vise-versa. Propaganda and dis-information seems to be all around us. When will we ever know the truth?

The controversial debate on whether aliens influencing politics on Earth is still around. An Intriguing Electronic Message of this scenario is a file downloaded off a local computer bulletin board system (BBS), which this RPG scenario is based on. The electronic message may be a prank, a set-up, or another dis-information. But, more significantly, it can actually be real. We may never know for sure. This book does not attempt to uncover reality. Still, we hope you enjoy the RPG setting we created out of this controversial issue.

Game Mechanics

Throughout this scenario, you may encounter asteroids and planets being destroyed. The general rule is to assign 1 GDP per mile in diameter for every asteroid, and assign 1 TDP per mile in diameter for every planet.