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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Simon and Lief Robot Builders


Simon and Leif are teenage kids, sons of Colby McClure, who is the CEO of McConnell Atomic Sciences (MAS) Corporation. Their only passionate hobby is to build cyberoids from the MAS Cyberoid Parts Catalog. After building several cyberoids on paper, they put the cyberoids to action in their imaginations. Later they wrote a computer software to configure new cyberoid from the MAS Cyberoid Parts Catalog. Their father has seen the potential for this software and has since then incorporated the software into the corporation's cyberoid assembly line.

On one Christmas, their father has given them a huge surprise, he built them a fully automated Cyberoid Assembly Factory, a Cyberoid Combat Arena, and a mansion in the country-side. From the mansion, Simon and Leif can design the cyberoids using their Cybroid Configuration Software, the automated cyberoid assembly factory will automatically build the cyberoids for them, and the cybroids can duel it out in the cyberoid combat arena. The MAS cyberoid development team has designed a remote interface module for Simon and Leif. This remote interface module replaces the cyberoid cockpit so that Simon and Leif can control the cyberoid remotely from the comfort of their computers.