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Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Future Mars: Vehicles

Modified Vehicles

Bandit spacecrafts are generally modified versions of older U.N. and merchant spacecrafts. Once in a while, bandits do capture more recent equipment. Lately, the bandits have been able to secure fighters and cyberoids from unknown sources.


The bandit's Birdie is a modification of the U.N. SF-10 Birdy. The bandits modifies it by mounting a rocket launcher beneith the original birdy. With this modification, the Birdie can no longer fly in atmosphere. And it becomes less agile and less manuverable. The range of the fighter is decreased because of the increase in mass and drag.

Crew:         One
Purpose:      Dogfighting

Designer:     Aero Dynamix
Manufacturer: Engine Dynamix

Engine:       Engine Dynamix 340S
Speed:        Mach 2
Range:        2104 miles
Nose Cannon
Actions: 1
Damage:  1d10 SkDP
Payload: 50 rounds per cannon
Range:   10 miles

Rocket Launcher
Actions: 2
Damage:  1d30 SkDP
Payload: 6 rockets
Range:   30 miles
Body:    50 hDP
Wing:    15 hDP
Booster: 35 hDP each

Random Hit Location (1d4)
  1 Body
  2 Wing
  3 Left Booster
  4 Right Booster

Nuclear Thermal Rocket Vehicle

The nuclear thermal rocket vehicle has been the primary crew/cargo transport for a long time. It has two large cargo bays that provides plenty of capacity for merchant goods. Using nuclear rocket engines, the rocket vehicle has the ability to travel from Earth to Mars within four months, to travel from Mars to Earth in eight months, and to provide artificial gravity for the crew during the entire trip.

This rocket vehicle is the bandits' favorite prey due to its large cargo space and potentially large quantity of cargo. It also helps the bandits travel quickly between the asteroid belt and the Mars colonies. The cargo bays can hold a maximum of eight Birdies or four cyberoids in each bay. When the bay doors are closed, it is hard to tell whether the nuclear rocket vehicle is a legitimate merchant vessel or a bandit cruiser. Its crew compose of one pilot, one navigator, and one communication officer. There are enough space on-board for twenty-seven passengers.

Crew:         3
Passengers:   Up to 27

Designer:     NASA
Manufacturer: Robotic Science

Engine:       Nuclear Rocket

Main Body:    100 kDP
Bay Door:     10 kDP