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The Reluctant Gang Member - Part 2

Game Master: After completing or pulled off the assignment in part 1, the GCCF team will not be called again for until the next day, at around 10:00 AM. The team members will again be contacted by their pagers to report to headquarter. Upon reaching headquarter, Captain Rockingwell is still the assignment director. Other than Mr. Rockingwell, the conference room will be filled with four other GCCF teams.

Briefing For the Players

"Gentlemen, [team name] team have brought back information on where Isacc Simmon is being held. It seems to be somewhere in this factory right here [pointing to a place on the map]. We want you guys to go in and bring him out alive.

"Yesterday, we have sent in some people to gather information. Based on their report, there are around 40 to 50 gang members in the factory with some on guard on all sides. They should be no problem for you guys."

The Adventure Begins . . .

Game Master: Upon reaching the complex, the players will wait outside as backup while the other three teams move in. 5 to 10 minutes later, shooting will start. After 5 minutes of shooting, the players will receive the following over their headsets:

"Ah! Help . . . they . . . us . . . up, backup! . . . Get . . . out of he . . . they're all . . . it's an . . . ambush . . ."

Game Master: It seems to be a bunch of people talking, or yelling, at the same time with noises of combat in the background. The shooting lasts for 5 more minutes with more yellings then dies down. If the players decides to go in right after the transmittion, they will hear the cheers inside when they reached the building. Or else, they'll hear it outside the area.

For your info, the complete transmission is:

Voice 1: "Ah! Help!"
Voice 2: "They are all over us."
Voice 3: "Backup, backup!"
Voice 4: "Get us out of here!"
Voice 5: "Help us! Wait . . . they're all around.
Voice 6: "It's an . . . ambush."