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The Reluctant Gang Member - Part 1

Players: Please do not read the game master sections. Otherwise, it may ruin the suspense and the fun.

Game Master: This adventure suits a team or two teams of GCCF officers (4 to 8 characters). You should read both GM and player sections. Read the following to the players.

Your pager went off at 5:45 AM. It's a code 2, you must report to the station at once. At the briefing room, you see a man in his forties. He wears rectanglar-shaped glasses and wears a hang-ranking uniform.

"I am Captain Rockingwell and will be your assignment director for this operation. You are called upon today because of a very urgent situation.

"A few days ago, we were approached by a young man, Isacc Simmon, who was willing to give us a list of the drug dealers and gang connections in town. In addition, if we give him protection, he is willing to identify them at trial. However, since last night, we have lost contact with Isacc. We want you to gather information and find him.

"We have a hunch that you'll be able to get a lead at "The Eagle's Wineskin" tavern, where Mr. Simmon hung-out. He has informed us that The Eagle's Wineskin is where a few of his major deals gone down.

"Obviously, this assignment is an undercover operation. Walking into the tavern with your GCCF uniform and equipment will only get you killed. However, the tavern is in gang territory, so you are adviced to carry your 9mm side arm for protection. Just don't show it off; some informed gangsters might recognize it as an GCCF issue.

"Two of you will dress in casual street clothing, and engage in undercover. Anymore will arouse suspicion. You will each receive a micro-transceiver. Where you carry them is up to you, but someone might notice them if you place them in your ears. You will also be assigned a civilian vehicle.

"The rest of you will be backup, support, and provide surveillance. Your job is to protect the two undercover agents. Your career depend on it. You will carry your standard equipment. Report to the equipment director for your equipment. Start on this assignment immediately."

Game Master: A support officer will be there to handle transmissions, and to provide additional backup. If there are no support officer on the team, a NPC will be played by the GM.

Scene 1: The Eagle's Wineskin

Upon entering the tavern, smoke and the smell of alcohal make the air almost unbreathable. The dim enviornment produces a sense of mystery and unknown. Waves of fog, created by cigerette smoke and ashes, block out the remaining sunlight; not that the dirty windows allow much sunlight to pertrude in the first place. The rest of the tavern is simply lighted by several 60-watt bulbs.

A relatively clean bar is on the left side of the entrance. A bartender with short brown curly hair and a beard is constantly serving his customers, wiping the counter, and chit-chatting about the latest rumor and local gossip. There are two people sitting at the bar.

Across the bar, in the middle of the room are three round wooden tables. The table top seems fairly worn out. A number of chips and bullet holes can be seen embedded in the wood showing signs of fighting. At the far right-hand side of the wall are three holographic arcade game machines. Booths lined-up on the rest of the walls, starting from the right-side of the entrance. A group of three gang-looking people is sitting at one of the booth by the wall to the right. You can't tell which gang they belong to.

Relatively few customers are here during the days, but imagine the night where the bar is surrounded by thirsty drinkers waiting to be served, where every table is over-seated by at least one person, and where half of the people in the bar are standing, walking and talking. That is when the smoke is so thick that a person would bump into another, yet still would not be able to tell who that person is. The waitresses would have to manuver through the crowd without stomping over others' feet and dump the drinks they are carrying.

However, during day time, there are enough space to make the place look like a small dance hall. No waitresses are needed; the bartender is well-capable of serving everyone.

Game Master: This scene is pretty much free role-play. The players can do various different things in the tavern to reach their goal. Following are some possible outcomes.

Sit and Listen

The undercover GCCF officers could sit down at the bar, order drinks, and just listen in on the local rumors and gossips. If they don't order drinks, the bartender will give them a hard time and ask them to leave. But if the players sit there long enough, they will gleam the following information.

Apparently the two people talking to the Millard, the bartender, are named Anton and Jarrod. They are just average joes trying to survive and make the best out of their neighborhood. Even though they don't participate in gang activities, they are familiar with the gangs in the area and knows the dirt. "Did you hear the latest?" Asked Jarrod quietly while playing with the peanut in his hands. "You know, Isacc Simmons." "It's actually Simmon, without the 's'." Anton corrected Jarrod as if that is really important. "I heard he's a sell out. He's gonna wash his hands and get clean." "But one of the gang snatched him up last night. Looks like someone is going to wash his hands for him. It's not going to be a pretty sight." Anton is listening with more interest now. "Really? The words travel fast around here. Which gang? How did they know?" "Don't know. But if we know, we must have heard it from some where, right?" Jarrod replied after throwing the naked peanut into his mouth. Millard jumped in while wiping off the peanut shells, "It the High Brass Upsilon that took him. They've got eyes and ears everywhere. I think they saw Isacc meeting the FBI." "You'd think someone living in this neighborhood would learn to keep their traps shut. Ain't nothing good ever come out of mouthing off. I feel sorry for the guy. But if you are going to cross dangerous folks, you better be ready to hide."