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Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: BotNet

Making the Arrest

The young suspect will not put up a fight if the playing characters storm his apartment by surprise. After all, he is just a computer geek. There are tons of computer equipment lying about in his apartment.

On the other hand, if the characters knock on the door, or if he is aware of the investigators in the building, the young man will attempt to escape via the fire escape.


At the headquarter, after interrogation, the characters will learn that the young man has figured out a way to hack the MAS Servent Drone XPRT and reprogram them remotely via the Remote Programming Module. He has used them in robberies for quick cash. He has been saving the money for a cybernetic surgery to embed a Micro Computer in his skull (see the Bionics section in the Earth 2143 A.D. supplement).