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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Build Fire - The ability to build a fire in the wilderness.

Cave Lore - Want to explore caves? Better have this skill to yield important information at the appropriate moments.

Climb - Use this skill to climb over rocks, up into trees, and down to certain doom. Some obstacles require high levels of skill to overcome.

Forest Lore - This skill yield knowledge of how to operate in a wooded environment. This skill is important to the Elves, who inhabit the forest lands.

Mountain Lore - Fabulous treasures and fearsome beasts resides in the mountains. Knowledge of the world's high mountain places might save your life. This skill is important to the fantasy Dwarves who mine gold in mountain caves.

Prowl - The ability to move stealthily in the wilderness.

Town Lore - You will visit many towns in the course of your adventures. This skill will provide you with local legends and history.

Tracking - The ability to track an animal in the wilderness. Remember, humans are also considered as animals.

Wilderness Survival - The ability to survive in the wilderness without any equipments.