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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Fortune Telling - Since fortune telling of any kind have not yet been proven by science, the GM is suggested to determine whether an effort in fortune telling was valid or not. Or a die roll may be used against the skill percentage of the character. Each of the following is a separate skill: crystal ball, palm reading, face reading, tarot card, necromancy.

Gamble - The knowledge of how to make bets, figure odds, and play games of chance successfully.

Hypnosis - The ability to put someone into a subconscious stage as long as the subject is willing and/or not knowing. Information may be gathered at this stage and motives may be changed, erased or programmed into the subject's subconscious mind. A separate roll must be made for each above action.

Journalism - Professionally conduct of an interview and the ability to write convincing articles and broadcasts. Also the ability to broadcast informations.

Law - The knowledge of law and the legal process. Many times at local level, but may also apply to federal level.

Musical Instrument - The skill to play a musical instrument.

25%+Novice, must follow a music sheet.
50%+Intermediate, may play without sheet.
75%+Expert, may create new tune or music.

Magic (tricks) - The tricks produced by professional magicians. Trick people's eyes.

Politic - The knowledge of politics and its process. The ability to win votes and conduct diplomacy.