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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


Animal Training - The ability to train and tame animals.

Cook - Knowledge of how to prepare a meal. From what to do to what not to do. With general understanding to creating new dishes.

Dance - The understanding of the art of dancing. Character may wish to pick the type of dance.

Farming - The cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock.

Painting - The skill to paint a picture like a professional painter.

Planting - This is the lesser extent of farming and does not include raising of livestock. Usually used to beautify homes.

Sew - The ability to make clothes out of raw material.

Sing - The skill of singing.

25%+ Novice, may sing songs created by others.
50%+ Intermediate, may sing without refering to the song. Professional singer, maybe.
75%+Expert, may create new songs. Producer, song-writer.

Sketching - The ability to sketch and draw. Make drawings look life-like.

Teaching - The ability to teach other of one's own skill. Roll percentage once per week to determine whether the pupil understood the subject. If so, 5 percent are awarded to the pupil toward the subject.