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Cyno's Role-Play: Rule Book: Skills


CB Radio - Skill for correct usage of CB Radio system, call signs and such.

Hand Signal - Communicating to another party with the use of hands. The second party must also have this skill to understand it.

Morse Code - Morse code is a communication system consists of dots, dashes, and spaces. It was originally produced to allow rapid communication through wires using telegraphs. Two systems exist; one used by United States and Canada, while other countries use the second system called the international code.

Radio - The skill of using two-way radio to communicate with others. Other more complicated radio skills include:

  • Intercepting is the ability to intercept communication from other parties;
  • Jamming is the ability to jam radio communication;
  • Scrambling is the ability to code radio communications to prevent it from interpreted after it is intercepted.

All of the above skills require the basic radio skill.

Satellite - Like radio, satellite communication utilizes the orbiting satellites to relay messages over a long distance. As with radio, intercepting, jamming, and scrambling are also available for satellite.

Smoke Signal - This is the skill of using smoke signals. It is a bit like Morse code though its communication is limited; a warning, for example.