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Yuri Brothal (The Industrialist)

Yuri is an aristicrat living in the better part of Dayton. He acquired his wealth through being the president of the Gyrotechnics Corporation. But he wasn't burn out of a rich family.

During youth, Yuri ran away from an orphanage back on Earth. Roaming the streets when he was 9, he mingled with the local punksters, reginal gangs, and other low-lifes. As with other scums, Yuri was constantly in trouble until his accidental meeting with Samuel Wilson.

Samuel Wilson was an old and grumpy man. He is also rich and ambitious. Determined to change his ways, he decided to take Yuri into his life and offered Yuri a home.

Hiding from the police, Yuri had no choice but to accept. He soon found that Samuel was actually soft-in-heart and that his grumpiness was just a mask. Together with Samuel and Samuel's trusted butler, Sowman, Yuri got back on his feet, following the footsteps of Samuel. Their most rewarding venture was moving all their assets and re-invest them in Dayton. Their investments bloomed in a year's time (Endor time).

Yet, success has its down-sides. During a corporate take-over, Samuel was assassinated by the rival Genetic Imperial Holdings Corporation. Devastated and desparate, Yuri decided to gave-up. Fortunately, the experienced and the cooled head Sowman was able to comfort and persuade Yuri to take over Samuel's CEO position. Yuri regained the seat of CEO and brought the people behind the assassination to justice through his own resources.

With Samuel murdered, Yuri vowed to unroot all corruption in honor of Samuel. He does this from behind-the-scene. People he helps and brings on board for the crusade know him only as the "The Industrialist".